Elvis David
Illustrator & 2D Animator
Character Design
  1. girl cat cute ponytails dress
    Litte girl and his cat
  2. mice knight sword warrior
    Mice Knight
  3. anime girl blue redhair
    Anime Girl
  4. cold winter
    It's so cold
  5. salute explorer
  6. witch girl teen
  7. burger southern hat cowboy
    Good burguer
  8. grammar dictionary angry girl
    Grammar passionate
  9. meditation cat
    Meditation and a cat
  1. dragonflies girl
  2. It works!
    It works!
  3. Art generations
    Art generations
  4. Micro world
    Micro world
  5. Picnic
  6. Breath of power
    Breath of power
  7. Red ridding hood
    Red ridding hood
  8. God of creation
    God of creation
  9. Running with a dog
    Running with a dog
  10. fanart star vs butterfly
    Star vs the forces of evil (fanart)